Delesha Latrece Ivey Turner departed this life on October 22, 2016 suddenly and tragically at the hands of someone who claimed to love her. On October 29, 2016 between the church and the cemetery, my daughter Danielle and I discussed our plans we had talked about many times the year before, to create a safe space for young women to get healing, accountability and support in every area of their lives. We decided at that moment that we would operate our mentoring program in memory of my dearly departed best friend of 21 years. Delesha's Daughters was birthed on that fateful day.

Delesha's Daughters consists of three mentoring programs for women and young ladies. Our mission is to empower women to awaken the Queen within by teaching them to love themselves unconditionally. We help to meet not only the physical but emotional needs of these young women. By pouring into them, sharing our testimonies, and being transparent, we assist them in discovering their passion and purpose. 

Our vision is to be instrumental in the lives of as many young women as we can. Helping others was Delesha's passion and purpose. As a Registered Nurse, she touched the lives of many people, more than she will ever know. We endeavor to keep her memory alive by helping other women excel in life the way she did. She was ambitious, strong, courageous, intelligent, loving, kind and a beautiful ray of light who will live on forever in our hearts. 

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